Who is « Dessine-moi un mouton » ?

Global care for children and adolescents living with a chronic disease such as HIV-Aids

When you are affected by a life-time (chronic) disease, there is a lot of issue you need to deal with.

    • You need to have a good knowledg of your disease, and the treatment you will have to take for life
    • You’d better be able to talk about it, express yourself so it is not something you want to hide if you want to live well with it
    • You need to reconsider your the place of the body, re-build a self esteem and self image if you don’t want the disease to take over you

This is all the more true when you are a kid or an adolescent, currently setting up your self-identity, where the disease takes a particular place.

And this is even more true when you (and/or your family) live in unstable conditions, in uncertain housing, few or no financial revenue, plus an isolation that prevent you from sharing anything with anyone.

Dessine-Moi Un Mouton (DMUM) opens its doors to those families and adress those specific issues in the care center located in Pris (20th arrondissement). The center is divided in two specific units where families and kids in the one hand and adolescents / young adults in the other hand are welcome to attend health follow-ups, psychological interviews, but also any of the therpeutical workshops that DMUM set up for them.

Families and kids Unit

Adolescents & Young Adults Unit

Lieu d'accueil Dessine-moi un mouton 9

Every kid, parent, adolescent or young adult is welcome by one of our professionals who will listen to his or her specific issue. They will work all together to find a sustainable solution to the situation. Most of the time, it implies a process of several months so as to restore the self-esteem of the person, and guiding him or her towards the autonomy in their own health care.

Here are some of the inovative therapeutical workshops we offer to our beneficiaries :